About Susan

For as long as she can remember Susan has been innately drawn to all aspects of design and has a great appreciation for things of beauty. Her passion has always been to work in the area of art and design. In her early years graduating as an award winning fashion designer, Susan went on to spend many years in the creative industry of advertising. It was shortly after immigrating to Canada that she decided to leave the advertising world and pursue another dream of hers, one where she could share her gift of being able to create and transform people’s homes and living spaces into beautifully designed and curated environments.

With a focus on exceptional quality and attention to detail, Susan has experience in working on a great variety of projects. From large, exclusive custom builds to helping empty-nesters re-purpose their favourite pieces. She works creatively within her client’s budget whether large or small, with the ability to create a look and feel that often exceeds her client’s expectation.

Susan has been fortunate to have traveled extensively all over the world and has lived and worked in 5 countries on 3 continents. As a result, she has garnered much inspiration from being exposed to many different cultures and has had the privilege of decorating homes on all 3 continents.

While she is able to work with and has an appreciation for all styles of decorating, Susan would best describe her personal style as eclectic and one of sophisticated, understated elegance. She has a great listening for her client’s wishes and is always very conscious of creating environments that are in alignment with their style. It’s most important that the finished project is not only a beautiful space, but also somewhere that the client feels comfortable and at home with.

Each client and project is new and unique and brings about its own magic. It is Susan’s belief that a well-designed space has the ability to truly enhance the quality of life of those who inhabit it.


"Susan has a discerning eye and an amazing ability to create exquisite, elegant environments. "

Gail, Vancouver


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