The Inspirational Gift of Travel

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Having been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively over the years, including having had the opportunity to live and work in five countries spanning three continents, I have come to appreciate the invaluable gift this has been and continues to be.

Much of my inspiration and appreciation for design stems from my experience of different worlds and cultures.

With a passion for all creatures and things of beauty, I draw enormous pleasure and energy from frequenting the many luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. Some of which I have been fortunate enough to have stayed in and others which I have merely spent some time in. No matter what, I always leave these environments with a new sense of wonder and excitement. I see the world through a different lense and my creativity gets given a new lease on life.

Having recently returned from a dream journey through parts of Italy, one of the many hotels etched in my memory was the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. The property is located northeast of the historical centre and is a sanctuary in the midst of the city. This 5 star hotel was established in 1500 and is made up of an art-filled Renaissance palazzo and 16th century convent, framed by a centuries-old private park. The buildings boast original frescoes and sculptured reliefs. The rooms are individually decorated so that no two are alike, a unique blend of Renaissance artistry with high tech comfort. All accommodations are bright and airy, warmed by a melange of warm Tuscan yellows and greens. Its Michelin star restaurant features vaulted ceilings, elegant décor and lovely views of the inner gardens. Large French doors open to a terrace that offers al fresco dining weather permitting.

Oh how I enjoy returning to this beautiful location even if only in my mind for now and I’m forever grateful for being able to share some of the magic created by these places of beauty.

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